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Best Website Builders—2022 list

Find the Best Ways to Build Your Own Website

Last updated: December 2023

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Our Most Popular - 2022


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How do we Pick the Best Website Builders?

Looking at website building and design tools from all relevant angles mean you can compare them and identify which option will serve you best.

For website design and website building, we consider various factors that affect your website’s functionality and aesthetics:

  • 01 Will you have a positive user experience?
  • 02 Do they provide good customer service?
  • 03 Is the cost justified or should you use a free version?
  • 04 Will the options help you get you noticed online?
  • 05 Can you easily expand your website if your business grows?
  • 06 Is it helpful for ecommerce stores?
  • 07 Can you track data to know how to keep improving your website?
  • 08 Can you use it even if you have no background in coding or creating websites?

What are Website Builders and Why Use Them?

Even if you don’t have coding experience or the budget to employ a website design company, you can create a quality website thanks to website builders. These platforms provide you with templates and user-friendly features to help you create your own website.

From adding buttons to creating a shopping cart for your customers on your online store, you can do it yourself thanks to website builders. And it’s easy to use with methods like drag-and-drop.

Hosting services may also be included, giving you an easy method of sharing your newly built website with the online world.

Who Can Use Website Builders?

If you want exposure in any way, building your own website is an effective tool.

Showcase your hobby or share your opinion in a blog. Thanks to templates relevant to bloggers’ needs, a website builder helps you get your blog built and shared online within days or even hours.

Without a website these days, you won’t impress your business’ target audience. Prove you’re open for business and highlight all your USPs on a website you built yourself.

Have a website with online purchasing features and you can reach a wider audience. Showcase all your products and use state of the art features to handle online transactions in a secure manner.

Can You Trust Our Reviews?

When you read our reviews you’ll get information obtained by independent third parties and experts in the field. Because the information isn’t displayed in return for payment, you can have peace of mind you’re reading an objective review.

We have a team of experts that have been researching this niche for years. They stay up to date with trends and developments in the field. This results in website builder reviews that are relevant to what today’s users require.

Website Design

Website Design vs Website Builders

Your website’s look can determine whether someone stays on the page or navigates to another one. Paying for website design gets you a unique look, which is necessary in some industries if you want to beat the competition. A website designer can make sure your site looks professional and that the style suits your industry.

Website Design—What do They do?

These experts can usually assist with a range of services, such as:

  • Designing your logo
  • Writing content for each page
  • Optimizing your website
  • Managing marketing campaigns on social media or Google
  • SEO changes to get you ranking on search engine results pages

It’s smart to pick a website design company with a proven track record in your specific industry.

Where to Find a Website Designer

There are many independent companies that offer web design services along with many other website services. Alternatively, some website builder platforms offer design services, or you can use a freelancer.

Is a Free Service Sufficient for Your Website?

There are many free options that provide you with all the features a basic website would need. However, for a more sophisticated look or for additional features you may need to pay to meet your needs. For example, you can build a website using free templates but to manage SEO or have the features your ecommerce store needs, you may have to pay for relevant plugins.

It’s worth it to use free versions to get started and make yourself familiar with the platform or product. Then commit to paid contracts and features that you really need to scale your business in future.

Creating a Website: DIY vs Outsourcing—What is Best?

There’s no one-size-fits-all in creating and managing your website. You need to find what works for you and your team.

The benefit of creating the pages yourself, using a website builder, is that you don’t have to wait on a vendor to get it done. You can create it when you need it and do updates whenever necessary. And thanks to quality templates many platforms provide, you can have a professional look, despite doing it yourself.

Alternatively, a custom designed website may be able to perform more tasks. Also, you don’t have to allocate time to creating and updating it, which means you can focus on other aspects of your business.

An expertly designed website is also bound to look more sophisticated. But this option will
usually cost a lot more than using DIY methods.

6 000 000+

people use TopRated10 sites to make better decisions

6 000 000+people use TopRated10 sites to make better decisions
Secure Connection - All our providers use SSL encryption to protect your data

Secure Connection

All our providers use SSL encryption to protect your data

Features to Consider When Deciding on a Website Builder

Customer Service

If you have a question, will you get quick feedback so you don’t waste time in the creation process?

Purpose of the Site

Be clear about what your site will need to do. Displaying basic information about your business requires different features than an ecommerce store. If you use web design services, pick vendors with proven track records in each niche.

Your Technical Skills

Be honest about your own technical skills. If you have no experience or interest in creating websites, it may be best to employ a designer, rather than using a website builder.


Look for services with free contracts to start with, so you can try it out before committing to a contract. If you don’t have a huge marketing budget, a website builder is a safer solution than paying for expensive design work.

User Friendly Tools

If you don’t have a lot of coding or technical skills, pick services with user friendly features, such as drag-and-drop options to build a website page. If it’s too complicated, it can take too much of your time.


To improve your chances of appearing on search engine results pages, look for assistance in optimizing each page. For example, plugins that tell you how to manage your SEO are very helpful.

Reviews—Our Methodology

There are many aspects of website builders that determine their value, which is why we provide feedback on many topics:

  • Features of the product or platform
  • Free services and contract options
  • Customer service options and quality
  • How user friendly the features are
  • Security offered by the brand
  • Whether it’s useful for growing businesses
  • User friendliness for someone with no knowledge of website building