Liquid Web is one of the largest brands when it comes to web hosting services. The company offers an array of different web hosting solutions starting from cloud hosting, dedicated servers, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress packages, and a lot more. But sadly, you won’t find any shared hosting options.
It is worth pointing out that this is a premium hosting service is geared towards high profile business and brands. Some of Liquid Web’s clients include National Geographic, Porsche, Symantec, Eddie Bauer, and many others.

Liquid Web Features

As mentioned Liquid Web is a premium web hosting services, and as such it is riddled with a lot of premium functionalities. Right of the bat, you will get support for different types of hosting solutions including managed applications and managed hosting. Besides this, there are also a lot of features to make sure that you have the smoothest experience hosting your website.

  • Fully Managed Hosting plans ensuring scalability.
  • E-Commerce Hosting.
  • 100% Network Uptime.
  • 100% Power Uptime.
  • 5 Global Data Centers.
  • Custom Migration support.
  • HIPAA Compliance.
  • PCI Compliance.
  • High-Quality Support.

And all these just barely scratches the surface of all that is offered with Liquid Web. If you want a more in-depth overview then we encourage you to take a look at their official website.


Liquid Web uses a lot of cutting-edge technologies and top of the line specs to offer their customers a top-notch web hosting service. Apart from the dedicated servers, all there hosting plans are cloud-based. Their plans are highly scalable. So you don’t have to worry about your site slowing down when a larger influx of visitors unexpectedly visit your website. Also, with 5 different Data Centers spread out globally, you will find a server that is close to your target demographic.

There is also a wide variety of operating systems available to you depending on which hosting plan you choose. Mostly all of them supports Windows Server and Linux apart from the managed WordPress hosting which uses CentOS 7.

liquid web

We have already mentioned, Liquid Web is not a budget-friendly/affordable hosting service by any means. All its plan fall under the premium (or expensive) category. Depending on which hosting plan you take, you will have a different set of functionalities bundled in a different pricing structure. And in case you are not satisfied with any of there ready-made bundles, you can always ask for a custom hosting solution.

Customer Support

Being one of the top-tier web hosting services on the internet, Liquid Web also provides an expert support team to handle all your problems. When you are facing issues, you have the option to call their support team, start a chat, or even get in a queue with a support ticket.
On call or by chat, the waiting time is below 1 minute. In case, you choose the ticketing route, then a knowledgeable support expert should be at your service within an hour. The support team is very helpful, resolves issues in a jiffy, and also provides comprehensive information in case you are interested to learn.


No doubt Liquid Web is one of the most expensive web hosting services, but it is also one of the most powerful at the same time. If you are running a huge business, require a reliable hosting service and access to a lot of powerful specs, then Liquid Web is definitely worth your consideration.