FatCow is an interesting name for a hosting provider, but they do provide good services to their users. FatCow is relatively cheaper when it comes to plans, and you can also get domain hosting from them. Overall, their services are around average. They also provide excellent tech support and lets you build a website from scratch with the help of the tools. As a user, you can expect basic features and functionalities. Their uptime and page load speeds are also nothing to get excited about. This makes FatCow an ideal choice for those who are looking for a web hosting that offers basic features, good support, and affordable price. Another thing that makes them different from others is the fact that they use wind-energy to power their servers.

FatCow Features

FatCow offers traditional hosting features that can be more than enough for users who are not familiar with managing website. It gives the tools and opportunity for small business, freelancers, and hobbyist. Once you start with the web hosting, you will notice a good layout knowledge base and guidance provided by FatCow for newcomers. Small business such as restaurants or book outlets can make use of what FatCow has to offer. They offer unlimited disk space, bandwidth, domains, email account, databases and so on. However, each of them has a limitation attached to it. Moreover, they offer WordPress hosting, VPS server, and dedicated hosting.

    Let’s take a look at the key features below:

  • Good uptimes
  • Free domain and website transfer
  • Simple website builders
  • $100 Google and Bing Ad credits
  • Good collection of add-ons and third-party updates
  • Unlimited email account
  • Good tech support
  • Website building is easy.
  • Can buy domain names directly
  • A plethora of website templates to choose from

Technology and Ease of Use

The technology behind FatCow is unique in its way. As we already mentioned, they are 100% powered by wind-energy. An industry expert applauds Their green approach. However, their tech leaves a lot to be desired. Their downtimes are below average and can leave clients frustrated. The average loading time can also see improvement. Other aspects including load balancing, server backups, and 24/7 monitoring are used to ensure the proper functioning of the servers.

FatCow is also easy-to-use which makes it an excellent choice for those who are new to website managing. You get cPanel, necessary tools, and proper analytics to handle your website. It also comes with WordPress hosting with a customized experience for WordPress CMS.


The pricing for FatCow hosting is on-point. They offer affordable pricing around the concept of core hosting. You need to buy the core pack and then choose any of the additional offers that you want. For example, you can get the core pack and then choose WordPress hosting. They offer WordPress starter, VPS-Basic, and dedicated hosting for startups. All of their plans are one-year plans, but recently they have come up with monthly plans as well. They offer 30-days money back guarantee on all of their plans.


FatCow is a decent web hosting provider with an emphasis on overall value. We do recommend FatCow for those people who are new to web hosting, building or management. For business who are serious might want to look for a more robust hosting provider.